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Intestinal Inflammation
Calprotectin, the assay for detecting patients with possible bowel inflammation: discover the available tests and their procedures.
For a fast, reliable and quantitative approach, Eurospital has developed CalFas, which allows to perform the test in less than 20 minutes, ideal for small series of patients whose symptoms can be referred to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), including both Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn Disease and the so-called both "indeterminate colitis". CalFast measures the level of calprotectin in stool.

Till now invasive tests were needed to assess inflammation of the intestinal mucosa (colonoscopy and subsequent histology). Recently, however, the use of non-invasive markers has become more and more popular.
Among them calprotectin is one of the most reliable and safest methods to determine faecal concentration of calprotectin, an antimicrobial protein found in neutrophils which is released in the intestinal lumen when inflammatory processes are active in the bowel.

The diagnostic application of CalFast is based on the quantitative measurement of calprotectin in stools: in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease the level of calprotectin in generally very high. Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome show substantial lower levels of calprotectin than in IBD, sometimes higher than the cut-off but always higher than in healthy subjects.

Samples with a concentration of calprotectin exceeding 70 mg/kg should be considered positive. The average value of calprotectin in healthy adults is approximately 25 mg/kg. A positive CalFast result indicates intestinal inflammation and allows to safely submit patients to further diagnostic investigations.

< 70 mg/kg of stool
70 - 100 mg/kg of stool
Borderline area. The patients
should be retested within a short period of time
> 100 mg/kg of stool

CalFast performances, its ease-of-use and the non-invasive ELISA method do not limit the use of CalFast to diagnosis only, but make it useful for screening procedures also to detect, for instance, the inflammatory causes of chronic diarrhoea. Moreover, CalFast can also be applied in the follow up of IBD, diverticulitis and in the monitoring of the treatment. Despite a clinical improvement of patients as wells as the presence of negative inflammation indexes, the inflammatory process persists to affect the intestinal mucosa: this is the main cause of relapses that often occur in these diseases. The longer the time interval between clinical remission and relapse, the more favourable the prognosis of the disease.

Until a short time ago, the histological remission, i.e. the complete functional recovery of the mucosa, could only be assessed with invasive methods. It was recently demonstrated that in ulcerative colitis (UC) patients, a negative calprotectin result indicates not only clinical but also histological remission.

The availability of a non-invasive method like CalFast is a breakthrough not only for the diagnosis of bowel inflammation, but also for the monitoring and optimization of medical therapy.

CalFast tests can be repeated over time to help evaluate clinical status with a view to preventing possible relapses and adjust therapy.

The performances of Calprest have been defined according to the available international scientific publications and internal Eurospital validation data.

The collection of a faecal sample is the first step in the process: it is made extremely easy thanks to the new and exclusive medical device designed by Eurospital.
The CE marked device contains the extraction solution required to perform the test. Once extracted, the sample is diluted and transferred into the diagnostic device. A dedicated reader provides the concentration of calprotectin in the sample in just 15 minutes.

If the test is positive, it is recommended to perform the Calprest (ELISA assay) to collect further information about bowel inflammation status.

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